Military Truck Parts

Glemco - Military Truck Parts

Military Truck Parts

High-quality OEM and aftermarket parts delivered around the globe.

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Glemco - Armored Vehicle and Tank Parts supplier.

Armored Vehicle and Tank Parts

NSN and OPN parts for maintenance, restocking, or critical shortages.

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Glemco - Aircraft parts supplier.

Aircraft Parts

Parts that exceed quality standards and delivery that aligns with time constraints.

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Glemco - Military Cable and Connector Assemblies

Military Cable and Connector Assemblies

Both OEM and hard-to-find obsolete parts are at your fingertips.

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Glemco - Manufacturing Military Parts

Manufacturing Military Parts

We deliver CNC cutting and grinding, forging, casting, cold forming, and gear manufacturing.

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Glemco can locate high quality military parts manufacturers for you...


Our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing partners have advanced quality control and testing capabilities, as well as proven track records with NATO and the U.S. military. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • CNC Cutting and Grinding
  • Casting and Molding
  • Assembling Military Cables
  • Cold Forming
  • Forging
  • Gear Manufacturing
Glemco is a military parts supplier


We deliver OEM and hard-to-find, obsolete parts for virtually every type of military vehicle. We deliver parts for the following military vehicles and applications:

  • TX-100 / TX-200
  • MTU
  • RG-31 NYALA
  • M60A1
  • M60A3
  • MRAP
  • M48A5
  • M112A1
  • M113A2
  • M109
  • M109
  • M110
  • YPR
  • AVDS 1790
  • CD 850
  • 6V53T
  • M88A1
  • M88A2
  • MB833
  • MB837

Glemco is an official dealer of Honeywell and Rockwell Collins Aerospace Companies.

Lasting Partnerships with Premium Suppliers

Glemco is proud to partner with premium suppliers, including:

  • Honeywell Aerospace Corporation
  • Rockwell Collins Aerospace Corporation
  • KLX Aerospace Corporation
  • Kanebridge Fasteners Corporation
  • MI-T-M Corporation
  • Accurate Screw Machine Corporation
  • DEUTSCH Connectors
  • TTI Electronics
Glemco is an US Government approved contractor. CAGE Code : 7END6


As an approved government contractor (CAGE Code 7END6), we welcome the opportunity to service long-term supply contracts, furnish just-in-time inventory, and support kitting programs for your needs. Please contact us to discuss how Glemco Team can help you.


Ready to Serve

When Glemco Parts, LLC, was founded in 2007 by a couple of engineers in St. Louis, Missouri, the company focused on importing agricultural, industrial, and outdoor power equipment parts for the U.S. market. Recognizing the need for combat-ready equipment for our Armed Forces, we sought to expand Glemco's successful retail and commercial footprint and offer our services to the U.S. government. In 2011, we relocated our main office to a location near the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in southern Maryland and became a registered U.S. government contractor in 2015. (CAGE code 7END6).

Deep Expertise

Glemco's technical team has deep expertise in materials engineering, manufacturing, and procurement, while our administrative team is skilled in managing projects from inception to fruition. Our state-of-the-art technology and dynamic business model enable us to efficiently fulfill complex government contracts while developing innovative strategies that deliver improvements across the supply chain.

Commitment to Excellence

Glemco's core value is commitment. We're committed to competitive pricing and exceptional service. We're dedicated to maintaining our position at the cutting edge of our industry. And we're passionate about developing and nurturing contacts with suppliers and dealers across the globe.

We're proud of Glemco's stellar track record in fulfilling government contracts, and are excited about our role in the future of American military readiness. We invite you to contact us so that we can explain how Glemco can deliver exactly what you need – on time and within your budget.


Glemco Parts Search

  • Our product database includes more than 15,000 items that can be supplied to our customers in accordance with the ITAR.
  • We can provide military or commercial packaging and labeling.
  • We can deliver custom manufactured products from your drawing or sample.
  • Use the "Product Search" button to search our database by part number or NSN.


Let us know how we can assist you. Call or email us with your request, question, or suggestion.

Glemco Parts LLC

  • 251 Commerce Blvd.
    Unit D, Statesville
    NC 28625 USA
    US Government CAGE CODE: 7END6
  • 1.704.873.1961
  • 1.800.829.5790

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